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We Threw a Graduation Party!

It wouldn’t be a graduation without a party, right?

We had a small get-together with our families this weekend to celebrate my grad school graduation. We decided to go with a tiki/tropical theme, in part because it was one of the themes we could find plenty of decor for in Target.

Ok, so we didn’t go TOO far with the decor, but this was the first party that we’ve thrown in a long time, so go easy on us! One of our favorite things was making our ‘featured drink’ – Matt really went above and beyond cutting up all of the berries to make this fun tropical drink.

My FAVORITE decoration item, however, which we decided to buy on a whim, were these balloons that spelled my name – it was the silliest thing I’ve ever bought but it actually looked kind of nice!

As you can see – it was a little chilly. Apparently this is the coldest May on record in Southern California! The sun never came out and I was wearing my trusty Patagonia all day, but the party was still a lot of fun!

All of the decor was purchased at Target:

Plates, napkins, and garland

Foil letter balloons

Pinwheels (Large size)

Drink dispenser

xo Carly


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