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Let’s Talk About Fitness

Hey everyone!

It’s about to get REAL up in here!  I’ve been wanting to chat about my fitness goals for a while.  I’ve actually written about a half dozen entire posts and then deleted all of them! Why?!  I don’t know!

Fitness and health are tricky topics to talk about. We all have our own unique goals, different body types, and a myriad of perspectives when it comes to weight, food, exercise, and frankly the ‘norm’ or the ‘standard’ of beauty and what “healthy” actually looks and feels like.

With all of that said, clearly this post isn’t meant to define what an ideal weight should be, or what a good or bad ‘look’ or weight is.  I guess this is my huge *disclaimer* at the top that I’m simply sharing my journey with weight, where I’m at right now, and what my goals are.  Also, this post is a way of holding me accountable because, much like this post, I’ve meant to start a healthier lifestyle for probably a year and haven’t been able to commit.

I’ve been pretty fortunate most of my life to be on the tall and slender side of the scale.  I remember in high school a lot of folks would actually tell me to eat  more because I was mostly skin and bones (not underweight, just super thin) – the thing is, I was already eating a TON.  I had a speedy metabolism.  I’ve always had rotten eating habits- why would I eat healthy when I could get away with eating cookies and ice cream on a daily basis and never gain a pound? I was that annoying kid who could get away with eating crap, never working out, and staying thin.  And I was able to get away with this for years.

I noticed a change when I moved to California.  It felt like overnight, my metabolism just stopped dead in its tracks.  Of course, I didn’t notice this overnight. But all of a sudden those cookies and ice cream were catching up to me. I also started to work an office job for the first time, which meant sitting for most of the day.  I remember looking down one evening in a New York hotel as I was getting dressed to go out for the evening and OH MY GOD I HAVE A TUMMY.

You would think that I started working out immediately to rectify this issue, right?  Well you would be mistaken.  Over the past four years I have gotten so complacent with my health, and at times it feels like I’ve given up and have simply accepted the road I’m heading down.  I’ve had bursts of inspiration to go to the gym and eat healthy, but those moments typically pass after a week.  Then it’s back to donuts and pizza. All in all I’ve gained roughly 20 pounds in 4 years. Loose-fitting clothes have become my go-to and I’ve leaned on “body positivity” as an excuse for laziness.

WELL NO MORE!  I have a wedding coming up in November and I told myself months ago that I was going to be in the best physical shape of my life walking down the aisle!  That means I have 4 and a half months to get into tip-top shape.

While that’s not a ton of time, my fitness goals aren’t that extreme.  I’m not looking to lose 50 pounds, have a six pack, and run a marathon (a marathon one of these days would be neat though) .  I think it’s important to set realistic goals and ease into it, otherwise you’ll be let down pretty fast and be inclined to give up. It’s also important for me to point out that this journey I’m about to embark on is not a vanity issue. The fact is that for the past three or four years I have been in a body that is unfamiliar- I just haven’t “felt” like myself since putting this weight on. This goal to lose weight is in a way to get my old self back, not just to “look” a certain way.

Be sure to follow me on Instagram for more regular check-ins and perhaps a progress photo or two. I really hope I stick to the plan this time!! Thanks for holding me accountable.

xo Carly


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