Mini Desk Tour and Tips for Staying Motivated at Home

Let’s chat about working at home today.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Working at home can be an incredible blessings, and frankly, it’s the dream scenario: nowhere else do you get to “call the shots” than from your own home! No commute, no dress code, no fluorescent lights! Home offices can be truly inspiring and comforting spaces. Let’s take a quick peek at my set-up.

Matt found this desk on Amazon and I was stunned at the low price. Being in the market for a smaller desk I ordered it immediately (thanks Prime). I was also obsessed at how easy it was to set up. My days of working at the kitchen island were no more!

I only keep a few ‘permanent’ items on my desk – namely my notebook organizer and my laptop. I originally bought this set of letter trays from the Container Store a couple of years ago for school, but since I graduated it has found a new home and I’m using it way more frequently now. It keeps all my planners, notebooks, and pens all in one place.

At the moment I’m enjoying my new Erin Condren planner system for 2019-2020. I just moved into my Life Planner as well as my Petite Planner folio system (this year I’m using the Daily Planner and the Customizable Monthly Calendar). And in just a few weeks I’ll be adding the Lilly Pulitzer agendas to the mix – I’ll be back with a review of each planner and how I use each one individually!

My favorite pens to use when I’m working are my Pilot G-2 Penstylus and the Tombow MONO Drawing Pen in size 3.

It can be tricky working from home. As convenient as it is, you have all of the classic distractions right at your fingertips – TV, food, your pets, not to mention there’s no one to hold you accountable. The amount of discipline you need to work from home is next level. Here are my top three tips for working successfully in your own home work space:

  • Designate a ‘work only’ zone

You don’t need a desk like mine to have an “office space” at home, but it does help. Pick a spot in your home and make it so that when you are in that space, you are working. That means no distractions and no procrastinating. If you don’t have a space in your home, consider a local coffee shop or library to be your makeshift office.

  • Dress the part & set your hours like any other job

This is MAJOR. I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “dress for the job you want and not for the job you have”. While that might not have to include traditional business attire, dressing your best can have a huge impact on your mentality when working from home. Even if it’s as simple as wearing your favorite outfit. My tip is to at the very least get out of your pajamas. It makes a huge difference when I get dressed and put on some makeup! Even if you’re just staying home all day, setting yourself up to have a “work day” will increase the odds that you are super productive.

  • Make your space inspiring!

This is the one area where I can do some work. Right now my work space is a little…bland? There’s nothing on the walls (more on that in a later blog post), and I have a hard time finding inspiration when I’m seated at my desk. So leave a comment with any recommendations you might have!! I’m totally open to a complete work space renovation.

Thanks for reading!! Have a great week.

xo Carly


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